Insights-part 2

51. Liberty and freedom are not given, but earned.

52. You cannot buy your way to greatness or goodness.

53. Never forget your mistakes. They are the building blocks of future success.

54. How you treat yourself when you are alone says a great deal about you.

55. Words are fine, but actions better.

56. Get over yourself and put others first.

57. If you put yourself in a questionable situation, do not question the results.

58. The first person you must be honest with is yourself.

59. Being loud does not make you right.

60. The journey is the accomplishment.

61. Do not allow fear to rule you.

62. Every action, good or bad, has a  consequence.

63. Nothing is ever as it seems at first glance.

64. Listen to yourself.

65. Never assume.

66. Be kind to those you meet on your way up. You will meet them again on your way down.

67. Never take your loved ones for granted.

68. Be VERY careful of who and what you trust.

69. Use your head. Your heart can deceive you.

70. Be careful what you say.  Words, once spoken, can never be unheard.

71. Of all things, trust is the easiest to misplace.

72. We never see our own worth.

73. A person will go to great lengths in the name of self defense.

74. You will NEVER know what another is thinking or feeling.

75. Never put anyone on a pedestal.  You will only be hurt when they fall.

76. Finding peace is a lifelong journey.

77. Always know that you will never truly know.

78. When you create, you bring something new to existence.

79. Sometimes quiet is the loudest thing of all.

80. There is no such thing as a sure thing.

81. Anger is crippling.

82. You may not receive what  you want, but you generally receive what you deserve.

83. It is NOT your place to judge.

84. Allow others their moods.

85. Thought before action.

86. The middle of the road leads nowhere.

87. Only you can change your life.

88. To live fully, you must have a passion.

89. You cannot make someone like-or love-you, so don’t try.

90. Wanting it to be true won’t make it so.

91. Wanting to trust someone does not make them trustworthy.

92. Look past the words.

93. The most unfortunate person lives with closed ears and an open mouth.

94. You can love someone without liking them.

95. In the end, you answer only to yourself and God.

96. Wishing and hoping won’t make it so.

97. Challenge yourself every day.

98. People will never be what YOU want them to be.

99. Loneliness is a state of mind, not of numbers.

100. From Harper Lee:  “Real’s when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway.”

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