Teeny, Tiny, Flip, Flop and Stinky

“I told ya, if we cut through Mackie’s yard, we don’t get chased by Mrs. Dunn’s stupid dog! Why don’t you guys ever listen to me?”  Tiny Frist stopped in the middle of the street and waited for his friends to turn around.

“Tiny, we don’t listen to you cos you ALWAYS get us into trouble!” Yelled Flip Wilkins.  He brushed his red hair back from his forehead.  “Dang, man, do you EVER think before you talk?”  He muttered as he turned away.

Tiny rushed to Flip as fast as his pudgy body would allow.  “You take that back!”  He poked a finger at Flip’s back. Flip whirled around and gave Tiny a push.  The larger boy fell back onto the street and just sat looking up at his friend.

“What did you do THAT for?” Tiny asked.  “I was only sayin’.”

“Well, stop ‘sayin”” Flip turned and headed down the street.  He was followed by a silent group.

Flip Wilkins was the oldest of the group. He had just celebrated his 12th birthday and felt grown up.  He had asked for ‘grown up’ things for his birthday but his mom couldn’t get past him being her baby boy.  She had given him new pajamas, with a car pattern all over them!  Flip had been mortified and shoved the pajamas under his bed as soon as he could.  His dad, however, knew exactly how he felt and had given him the coolest catcher’s mitt available at the local Sports Outlet.  Flip’s given name was Christopher but gained the nickname Flip as a toddler when he first learned he could turn somersaults. Those quickly turned into actual flips which he still practiced often much to the delight of his friends.

Tiny was next in age. His real name was Baldwin. It had been his mother’s maiden name and for some reason his parents had thought it a brilliant name for their third son.  He was three months younger then Flip and at least 20 pounds heavier than any of the others.  Tiny could probably lose the weight but he couldn’t get past his love for peanut butter.  Tiny loved everything peanut butter, from candy to cookies to eating it straight from the jar.  Tiny even put peanut butter on his pancakes.   Tiny was never without a bag of peanut butter candy in his pocket.

Next in the group was Teeny Monroe who’s name was really Justin.  Teeny’s baby sister, Beth, was the one who started calling him Teeny when she was little and couldn’t quite say Justin .  The name stuck until no one knew him any other way.  Teeny lived for science fiction.  He read books about it.  He watched all the sci fi movies he could find and he was determined to create the next big science fiction movie.  Teeny had a huge collection of sci fi themed tee shirts and wore one every single day.

Flop Dunrow was next in age having just celebrated his 11th birthday the month before.  Flop’s actual name was Daniel but he was named after his father and wanted his own identity.  He would not have chosen the name Flop, but his friends started it when he was 7 years old. They had been at a school mate’s birthday pool party and Daniel thought it would be a great idea to take a big jump into the pool.  He was not a great swimmer and his dive took an unexpected turn and became a belly flop.  Once he found his way out of the pool, regained his breath and his friends stopped laughing, they called him Flop and that was that.  Flop loved books of all kinds. His bedroom looked as though it was part of the local library.  Whenever any of the group wanted to know anything, they always turned to Flop and he usually knew the answer. If he didn’t know it, he knew right where to go to find it.

Finally, the youngest of the group was Stinky MacQueen. With the given name of Alastair courtesy of his grandfather and his Scottish heritage, he was almost proud to be called Stinky.  His family had moved from Scotland when Stinky was 8 years old and his new friends said his name sounded like stinky cheese.  He never really understood how ‘Alastair’ sounded like stinky cheese but he accepted it.  Stinky was the  thinker of the group.  Even though he was the youngest, the others accepted his logic on all matters. Between Stinky and Flop, the group was sure they could manage any sort of adventure.  Today, that adventure consisted of stalking Toady Buckner.  They needed to find a way to get revenge on Toady for his traitorous act of turning them in to the principal. When the boys tried to break into the biology lab in order to liberate the frogs scheduled for dissection,  Toady had snitched and now faced the group’s revenge.  And Toady wasn’t yet aware of the reward for his actions.

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