Humor is As Humor Does- A Necessary Rant

Humor is, of course, completely subjective.  What one finds hilarious, the next person may not understand at all.  That is fine. We are all different and that is as it should be.  Were we all the same, liking the same things, laughing at all the same things, this would be a very boring life.  But there comes a point where ‘humor’ is not funny to anyone but the person telling it.

Recently, I read a post by a friend that caused me to take a large step back and reassess that friendship.  This person is self described as a comedian and is not afraid to cover any subject.  While I do not appreciate vulgar, racial or demeaning humor, many do. I understand that.  But the post I read took it over the top.  This post was highly offensive to many.  It had to do with the Holocaust era and made large fun at the concentration camps, Jews and the swastika.  I am sorry, but in no way and in no one’s mind should those things be considered funny.

When you choose to make fun of thousands of people being tortured and murdered, there is something wrong.  When you choose to make light of a time that was catastrophic for millions, there is something wrong.

Many people today have read of the second World War, Hitler and the Holocaust in their history books but that is as far as their knowledge goes.  It is in a book…just like Harry Potter or The Avengers…so it is fantasy.  No, it is not, and was not, fantasy.  It happened.  It was real to millions. It is STILL real to so many.   There live still today many survivors from Auschwitz, Dachau and the other camps.  There are still many veterans from that war who witnessed horrors today’s youth can’t even dream of.  They have no concept of the depth of that suffering and horror.

Many of today’s younger generation see the world through computer games, youtube and ‘reality’ shows.  So many have no concept of what makes up the wide world and how it came to be as it is.  History books are great things, but if not understood as true happenings, they are worthless.

My message?  Understand that the people who lived before you went through a great deal to help create this world for you.  Take the time to see their time as it was..then do NOT demean their accomplishments and suffering by making hurtful and cruel jokes about things you can’t begin to comprehend.

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1 Response to Humor is As Humor Does- A Necessary Rant

  1. Phoenix. says:

    Though you’re absolutely and completely 100% right when you say that suffering and torture is not something to be made fun of, I disagree when you add someone’s age to prove the point. Agreed, the survivors have gone through thing none can dream if, but that doesn’t mean that today’s generation doesn’t go through pain. Just because soneone is young doesn’t mean they’re emotionless.

    Other than that one point, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Amazing post!


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