It’s the Attitude

The eyes changed from blue to green when she was angry. Unfortunately, that was quite often these days. After all, she was 14 years old. Everything made her angry. Her hair was wrong. All the other girls had long perfect hair but hers was shoulder length and it had that stupid CURL. Her hands were wrong. According to her, the fingers weren’t long enough and her fingernails weren’t perfect.
Her legs were wrong. They were too short. She wanted to be the long-legged fashion diva she watched every week on that cable channel but she was only 5’1″ tall and likely to stay that way.
Her latest complaint was that she came from the wrong family. She wanted a perfect family to go with her perfect hair [which she did not have and could not determine how to attain] and her perfect hands [which were never going to change], her perfect fingernails [which she worked daily to develop] and her perfect height [which she thought she could gain by stretching-constantly and continually].
You see, her parents were divorced. Of course, most of her friends also came from divorced parent but she was the enigma here as well. Her parents actually talked to one another in a friendly manner! They got along! Not well enough to be married, of course, but they stuck together when it came to her and it was maddening! How was she supposed to play one parent against the other if they consulted one another on everything she did? She decided she was cursed in all areas of he life. Absolutely nothing was good about her life.
Yes, she liked her dog, Murphy. He was an adorable two year old lab who followed her everywhere and obviously adoered her, but he was only a dog after all.
Ok, so she liked her home. It was a comfortable country home with lots and lots of yard. She liked the hammock in the yard and she loved the small lake out back. She enjoyed sitting near the water at sunset because the wildlife was so interesting. She especially enjoyed watching the deer who came to drink from the lake. but NOTHING was good about her whole life!
Now, as she stood scowling into the bathroom mirror she growled loudly. WHY did she have to have red hair? Nobody who had red hair was interesting or pretty. Ok, there was that girl on that show who was so beautiful it made your heart hurt but she was the only one. Yes, there was that girl from town who went to New York City and became a model, but she was the only one. Well, ok, her Mom was red haired and she was pretty-for an old person. But NOBODY with red hair was attractive.
She watched her eyes in the mirror. They were too big today. Sometimes she was sure her eyes wer small and beady but today they were just too big. She shook her head. How was she EVER supposed to reach that point of perfection when nothing was right and nothing stayed the same? Not her eyes and not her life.
She knew what the biggest problem was. Her Mom was getting married. How could she do such a thing at her age? Old people didn’t get married! It was just weird. She was going to hate having a stepfather, she just knew it. Oh sure, he was a really nice guy and her girlfriends all thought he was hot, but he was still going to be a stephfather and that would be horrible, she knew. He was going to try and be a Dad, she was sure. Of course, he told her that he had no intention of trying to be her dad because she already had the perfect dad, but he wanted to be her friend. He couldn’t be her friend! He was OLD! Sure, he always listened when she talked about school and everything. He really did listen. But he was still old and everyone knows an old person can’t be a friend.
Then there was the day she came home from school and saw her Mom and John [that was HIM, the step dad wanna-be] KISSING! GROSS! Didn’t old people know they weren’t supposed to do that stuff? She shuddered just thinking about it.
Then, as if all that weren’t bad enough, her Dad had a girlfriend. A GIRLFRIEND! She shook her head at the comple insanity of such a thing.
Finally, she simply went to her room and turned up the new CD John had given her. It was her all time favorite singer but that didn’t mean she LIKED it. She was going to have to seriously figure out how to survive this stupid, weird world she was forced to live in. Not that anything would EVER go right for her, of course. She knew it wouldn’t. Because NOTHING in her life was good.

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