The World As We Know It

The world is going to hell.
Sometimes I think that at any time in history it must have felt just this way. Imagine, if you will, in the midst of our civil war having a horribly bloody battle, like Chickamauga, playing out in your front yard. It happened. That battle went on for days and was second only to Gettysburg. Imagine living nearby and watching the world you know being blown apart. 
Imagine living a quiet, sedate life somewhere in Ruwanda or Syria and suddenly being in the middle of mass genocide. Imagine having absolutely nothing but the shredded strip of clothing on your body. Imagine having to flee to another country to escape a horrible death only to find your circumstances have not really changed.
Imagine you have lived a frugal but peaceful life until politicians were bought by coorporations and foreign powers to a point where the home and country you always knew and loved and were proud to be a part of was quickly disappearing. Your daily life was quickly being regulated to the point where you barely recognize it as your country of birth.
Your government had been slowly, carefully and subtly infiltrated to the point where friend and foe are indistinguishable. Your every movement begins to be dictated and legislated, most of which makes little sense.
You are required to have insurance but the companies you must purchase that insurance from are under no legislation to make it affordable. They can charge as they please and you have no recourse. 
The price of petroleum goes up and up because your government kneels to those foreign oil providers.  When it is suggested drilling on our own soil for the vast reserves there, it is treated as a sacriligious thought. 
When the simple solutions of wind power and water power and solar power could work miracles for the country and it’s citizens, your government swiftly brushes aside the possibilities. “Too expensive to initiate” is a much repeated excuse. The truth being to go that sensible route would  offend” those powers who provide the present supplies of fossil fuel.
Those government officials continue to raise their own pay at an alarming rate and follow an expensive lifestyle while regularly refusing to allow the average citizen a pay rate that would allow them to be simply comfortable. Those same ofgicials have lived most, if not all, of their lives in that pampered state and have no idea what the average person must endure daily, nor do most of them seem to care.
We have become a civilization where anyone at any moment can decide that something offends them. If that person causes a big enough stir, voila!, legislation.
Don’t allow your children to walk down the street or you will be investigated by social services. Why? Because we have become a society where parents are no longer parents. They do not, first of all, allow their children to simply be children. Secondly, they have raised those children to be selfish, spoiled, self absorbed brats who honestly believe they are entitled to anything they please. They believe they can say or do anything they please with no consequence.
Want to know why this world is going to hell? Because it’s inhabitants have allowed their stupidity and arrogance to replace their brains and common sense.

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