The Foggiest

“I don’t have the foggiest idea.” Craig chuckled when he made the familiar comment but neither Mark or Danny even smiled.
The trio stood on the porch of Danny’s house and watched as a dense fog rolled and roiled and hid anything beyond a few inches or so from view.
“Look at it.” Mark whispered. “It isn’t going anywhere. It’s rolling around but it isn’t rolling away. Why is it acting like that? I never saw fog do that.”
“I was in California once and the fog really rolled. It was like it followed you, you know? But this…” Craig wasn’t joking any longer.
“You know how you can walk through fog and it will kind of swirl around as you walk through it?” Danny asked. “This isn’t doing that. When we came across the yard just now it was like the fog was resisting. How can it do that? It just looks-wierd.”
The three were quiet for a time just staring into the fog, watching it roll in place.  Suddenly there was a low sound that brought them out of their silence.
“What the hell!” Craig took a step back toward the door. The other two tried to appear easy but they, too, moved back toward the screen door.
Again, the low rumbling sound reached them. This time it seemed to come from both their left and their right. On cue, the three ran into the house. Craig quickly slammed the door closed and slid the deadbolt into place.  The three stared at the door expecting it to fly open at any moment.
After a full five minutes, they all sank into chairs. Danny clenched hus hands together to hide their shaking.
“What the hell is going on out there?” He breathed.
“Let’s get out of here. Go back to town.” Mark said in a shaky voice.
“In this??” Danny squeaked. “We can’t even see past the porch! How do you think we could drive?”
No one spoke. It was eerily quiet. Usually there were the night sounds..crickets, frogs, even cicadas, but tonight-nothing. Nothing.
Then the sound of a step on the porch.

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