I Am Just Angry

Sometimes you am angry because you hungry. Sometimes you are angry because you can’t sleep. Sometimes you are angry because other drivers are careless. Sometimes you are angry because people are inconsiderate. Sometimes you are angry because things don’t go the way you believe they should. And sometimes you are angry for no particular reason at all.
Anger is an incidious parasite. It hides inside you just waiting for the least bit of motivation to burst out.  Everyone deals with it at some point, but some of those people have good control while others have no control at all.  It is the latter group which concerns me.
In today’s world, anger seems to be the rule. Far too many people believe the first response to a situation is anger and violence. When this is the “normal” response, the situation is already lost.
How do you compel someone to calm down? How do you make them see that anger solves nothing? Anger makes it impossible to solve any problems and ultimately takes away from a happy life. Living in anger makes it impossible to enjoy life, impossible to accomplish goals and impossible to see all you have.
The goal for today? Push that anger into the back of the closet…and lock the door.
Just some thoughts.

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2 Responses to I Am Just Angry

  1. travis says:

    You are a very talented writer. Enjoy your work.

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