Dear Mr. President

I met you when you were running for the Illinois senate. We had a very good conversation and I was impressed. I was impressed by your thoughts and opinions as well as with your apparent sincerity. I campaigned for you when you ran for President. I voted for you the first time..and the second, still trusting in the person I met that day.
My trust and my belief in your sincerity in wanting the best for the people has been overshadowed now by actions during the last 7 years, with the worst being in the past year.
Case in point: The Affordable Care Act.
Your idea made sense..but the execution has failed miserably. Why? Because the only thing affordable about it is the premium.
Tell me, please, Mr. President, how can you make a law where we MUST carry the insurance, but not have that insurance be one we can actually afford to use?
My case…without the subsidies for age and income, my premium would be more than $600. per month. Fortunately, it is FAR less and completely affordable. The problem? I have severe psoriasis. Before this “act” came into being, I was seeing a dermatologist and was working to manage my condition. Now? I cannot afford to see my family doctor for a cold, let alone a dermetologist. My psoriasis is now out of control causing me to want nothing more than to stay inside my home and never face another human. But, of course, I can’t do that. I have to go to work so I can pay for that premium. Otherwise, heaven forbid, I would be FINED.
Therefore, I am paying for the PRIVILEGE of having insurance I am not able to USE!
Can you PLEASE explain this to me?
Respectfully {for the office}
N.L. Stanford

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