Lonely Fear-part 3

Tilly could not move even to breathe. She listened as the knock came again, and then again. Tilly fought to keep herself from hiding beneath the table. She told herself that was ridiculous since no one could see her where she sat. Her drapes were always closed until sunset, then closed again an hour or so later..sometimes. Sometimes the drapes never opened at all.
There were times, like now, when Tilly wished for the outdoors. She wished for a life like others where she opened all the drapes, then the windows, each morning. She wished for a life where she could go out her front door in the morning and enjoy her garden, go for walks through the neighborhood and greet her neighbors.
But Tilly knew these things would never be.
She was jerked back to her reality with yet another hard knock on her door. She stood slowly and made her way to the door. After a moment, she peeked through the curtains to see that handsome young man standing there. He was whistling and looked as though he had no intention of leaving any time soon. What was she to do?
When the young man knocked again, Tilly’s heart leaped to her chest. The temptation was so strong.
“Ms. Bledsoe? Please come to the door. I have to keep coming back until this package is delivered. Just open the door a bit and you can sign the form and I will go. Please, Ma’am?”
Tilly thought his voice sounded like hot cocoa on a cold morning. She thought his voice must be the sound of the sun on bare skin.
When the young man knocked again and called out, “Ms. Bledsoe?”, Tilly put her hand on the doorknob. Before she could stop herself and before she realized what she was even doing, Tilly turned the knob.
Tilly had honestly only meant to open the door a crack to accept whatever the package might be, but her hand betrayed her as everything and everyone always had before. Tilly pulled the door open far enough for the young man to see her.
Tilly watched as the young man’s eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. It was just as she had feared. Her ugliness shocked him. But before she could slam the door closed again, the young man handed her the package. She held it as though it was something alien and foreign. The young man then handed her the form to be signed. Without thinking, Tilly took the pad holding the form and scribbled her name. Shoving it back in the young man’s hand, she stood glued to her spot there at the open door.
The young man simply stood there as well. When Tilly dared to glance up toward him, he smiled. HE SMILED!
With a small shriek, Tilly slammed the door closed in his face.
What had she done?

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