I watched Harry Potter

Sometimes  life is an ugly bully that thrives on screwing me over. Sometimes I see it coming but other times it jumps out of nowhere and grabs me by the hair. We wrestle and fight for dominance. Sometimes I win and sometimes the mood wins.  That is when I pull out my secret weapons…movies.
Yesterday was one of those days when the mood was winning.  I tried everything. I took a long walk past all those new age shops in the Chambers neighborhood. I went to the kids park on Faust Blvd and played on a swing for nearly two hours until some dude decided I was being creepy and ran me off. Guess he didn’t believe someone my age could enjoy swinging. Man needs to chill out, if you ask me..but I digress.  I even jogged the last three blocks to my building, but when I got inside and sat on my sagging blue sofa, the mood was right there, ready to choke me.
For anyone who has never dealt with the mood thing (otherwise known as depression) when you are in that place with the claws of it gripping your throat, you have odd thoughts. You wonder why your life is crap. You want to sleep until it goes away. You want to eat so you don’t think about it..and many other equally unhelpful thoughts. For me, on this particular occasion, the thought of eating was foremost in my arsenal of coping skills. I sat contemplating the attraction of eating an entire peach pie as opposed to a triple decker peanut butter and jam sandwich.  The pie was winning when that part of my brain that sometimes attempted reasonable persuasion piped up suggesting that consuming that many useless calories at one time might not be wise. I hate that part of my brain but I knew it was right.
I looked around the room in an attempt to distract my wayward  appetite and my eyes fell upon the wall next to the television. Floor to ceiling shelves…all filled with DVDs.  Yes, I love movies. I enjoy movies of all types. I probably spend far too much time in movie land but it keeps me out of trouble. At least that is my rationale. So, depending upon the mood of the time, I have plenty of choices. On this particular day, I needed something fanciful. I needed something as far from serious or tear producing as I could get.
I reached for the third Hobbit movie but changed my mind. I had an emotional attachment to certain characters and, knowing what happened to them, I needed to steer clear.  I was not in  a good enough mood to enjoy Star Wars or Indiana Jones and I couldn’t afford the extreme emotion of something like Steel Magnolias. My non existent love life made me avoid those ridiculous chick flicks.
Now, I was getting depressed about not finding a movie to watch.  Then my eyes fell on Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone. Perfect. No drama to bring about sadness. No lovey dovey crap to remind me of what I was missing. It was full of magic and fantasy. Perfect. I  could wingardium leviosa my way to a better mood.
So I watched Harry Potter. 

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