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“Why? Because, Abigail, you do EVERYTHING sloppy and half-assed! That’s why. You never do anything fully, completely and correctly! If anyone calls you on it you go into extreme defensive mode and you lash out in the ugliest possible way. You threaten people you are supposed to care about. You never-EVER-accept responsibility for anything that is wrong. There is always someone else or some other circumstance that is to blame. No one can tell you anything…about ANYTHING. You know everything.

If you tell someone to wait 10 minutes, you make them wait at least 30, if not longer. When you say you will be somewhere in an hour, it is a fact it will be closer to 2. When you have to be somewhere at, say, 2:00 and it is 30 minutes away, you leave at 10 minutes until 2..or at 2:00 on the dot. You have absolutely no consideration for anyone. Oh, you claim to be very caring and considerate and compassionate. You claim to be honest and forthright, but if you have to tell people you are those things, you are none of them. 

You cannot possibly be considerate of others if you cut them off mid sentence with a comment about something which has nothing to do with what they were saying. People talk to you and you aren’t listening. You are off in your own Twilight Zone. When someone tells you something going on with them, the first thing you do is whine about your own problems. Then, after a while, you apparently realize what they said and make a token offer of sympathy. But your thoughts and words and actions betray you at every turn. Your thoughts and concerns reach no further than the end of your nose. 

You are the most selfish, self absorbed, inconsiderate, rude, whiny, obnoxious bigoted person I have ever had the misfortune to know. You suck the air out of the room as soon as you enter.  THAT, my dear, is why I am leaving and I am never coming back.” 

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