My Final Election Post

I first tried to express my honest personal opinions, complete with well researched points. I was told how uninformed and ridiculous my opinions were. I let that slide and continued to exercise my right as an American and express points I had fully researched. I continued to express my opinions which were fully based on that which I had seen and heard myself. I was called names and bullied. At one point I was even threatened. It became clear nothing I could say would make any difference at all.  The hurt and stress became so overwhelming that I made the decision to simply back away and keep my thoughts to myself unless specifically asked. 

But I have been a proud American for a very long time and have always taken great pride in being involved. Remembering what has made me proud and what has inspired me in the past, I decided I would make one last post on this election and then I am done. 

My disclaimer is thus: everything here is MY opinion. All of these are MY words and it is my right to express myself as I see fit.  

I will not respond to, nor do I WANT comments on this particular post.It us too late for a debate. Minds have been made up and stubbornness is a formidable wall.

With that in mind, here are my thoughts…thought out and researched.

In 1933, while campaigning for leadership of Germany, Adolph Hitler, among other grand promises, declared his promise of a parliamentary democracy (to keep the type of government). He promised to fix all the problems Germany’s citizens faced-unemployment, low wages, poverty, etc.. He was believed and accepted as a “savior” and on January 30, was named Reich Chancellor.

On Feb. 1..two days later, Hitler dissolved the parliament he had promised to maintain. 

On Feb. 3, the social democratic newspaper, Vorwarts, was banned.

Feb. 4, freedom of the German press was limited.

Feb. 12, the Vice Chancellor demanded Catholics aid the Nazis.

Feb. 16, Catholic papers warned against the Nazis.

Feb. 19, all Catholic newspapers were banned.

Feb.28, German President abolished all free expression of opinion.

March 3, the candidate opposing Hitler was arrested.

March 5, Nazi party wins the majority.

March 23, Hitler granted dictatorial power.

April 1, Nazis begin a complete boycott of Jewish businesses.

April 7, Nazis ban Jewish people from holding legal and political office.

April 26, Jewish children banned from attending German schools.

May 2, Hitler bans trade unions.

May 10, Nazis stage book burnings.

June 13, the Gestapo was established.

June 22, German social democratic party was banned.

July 1, It became illegal to belong to any party other than the Nazi party.

July 14, Nazis began mandatory sterilization of all with an hereditery disease.

August 1, Gernany declared the death penalty for ALL anti-fascists.

All of these happened within 8 months. When something like this occurs very quickly, the general public doesn’t realize the problem until it is too late. 

The instillation of fear and anger to ‘persuade’ the masses has been a handy tool for as long as politics have been around.  “Tell them what they want to hear and once you have them roped in, screw them.” 

This not only happened in the past but is happening now.  So many of us are so blinded by our general frustration, fear and anger that the loudest voice is the one to grab attention. So many citizens simply accept what they are told without learning for themselves and because of this lazyiness, are dragged into an abyss where recovery is all but impossible. Laziness and stubbornness cause them to be overrun and to become puppets.  This behavior and lack of attention brought horrors to the citizens of Germany 80 years ago. 

You don’t think it can happen here?  You think we Americans are too smart for such a thing?  

German citizens in 1932 and 1933 thought that way as well. 

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