It’s About to be Out There!

One week from today, August 3rd, I will hold my first book signing! All my life I have dreamed of doing this. I have dreamed of a story I wrote being out there and available for others to read. I have read SO many books over the years and I always dreamed of my name being on a book and now that time has come. While it is a really cool thing to actually sell my work, I am looking more forward to having my friends join me for this event. That support is unbelievably important.
Letters to Sarah is the result of years of research and work. This book is just the first of a series where Mary, the main character, tells us-through her journal entries-about her family, her life and the world around her beginning in 1910. Mary and her family are, of course, fictional characters, but the history she relates about the world around her is true and real. It is OUR history seen through Mary’s eyes.
Each book in this series will cover a decade in Mary’s life and will remind us of events which have formed us as a people, a nation and a world.
With the publication of Book One, I find my emotions are jumbled and unsure. I wonder if all authors feel this way with the first book. It is an extremely surreal thing to have someone purchase a book I wrote and want me to sign it. For so many years, I have written short stories and articles,etc., and most of them have been for my own benefit and for my own eyes, but now my words, my efforts, my years of work are out in the world for public consumption and it is like watching your child go off to school for the first time or off to spend the summer at camp. They are away from you and out of your influence. My book is now in the universe beyond my control. It is out there for anyone and everyone to read and critique. That is a terribly frightening thing.
It is also what I wanted. I have stories and characters buried deep inside me just screaming to get out. Mary and her universe have found their way out.
As I said in the beginning, I have dreamed of this my entire life.
I began writing before I knew how. At 5 or 6, I would tell my Mother I needed to write a story. She would drop whatever she was doing, grab a pencil and paper and write whatever I dictated. I am sure it was no more than a sentence or two, but she did it.
Once I learned to write, it was off to the races. I never stopped writing. Over the years, I have written some truly terrible things.. badly written, horribly constructed, etc., but I never gave up my dream.
So, the message is that you must never give up on your dreams. NEVER. It is never too late. No matter what your dream, if you want it badly enough, you can make it happen. I am now living proof.

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