Just a quick idea…

This is a quick paragraph or two of an idea…  please tell me what you think.  

The air felt thick. She breathed heavily while walking across the old street. Weeds grew up through the cracks in what had once been a busy roadway-before The Fall. She looked down the street at the rusted shells of vehicles that were also-slowly-being claimed by nature. She had been alone for so long she had forgotten the sound of other voices. She regularly spoke aloud so she wouldn’t lose her own ability to speak. She spoke to buildings. She spoke to plants. She spoke to animals and she spoke to nothing.

She vaguely remembered others. She vaguely remembered being with other people, the sound of their voices and she remembered, more vividly, The Fall and the resulting terror and panic.  Then, just as suddenly as it began, it ended. And she was alone.

She seemed to remember being called Abigail. She called herself by that name just in case it was the right name.

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