Please Don’t Be Lost

When you suffer with depression and anxiety, you often feel lost.  You feel completely alone-because those who do not suffer from these things do not understand. 

They don’t understand that it is not a choice to be sad. They do not understand that it is not a choice to be bone tired no matter how much you sleep. They don’t understand that facing everyday life can be as overwhelming to you as it would be for them to understand rocket science on a day’s notice.

Depression steals your energy. Depression steals your focus. Depress steals your desire to do anything.  Depression steals your ability to function on the simplest level.  Depression takes away interests, feelings and passions which are a natural part of anyone-parts that those who do not deal with the disease take for granted.

When you suffer with depression,  you do not do so by choice.  You don’t want to be suffering. What you want to do is join your friends and family and enjoy life.  You want to take pleasure in sunshine and rain and the feel of sand between your toes.  You want to laugh along with a child. You want to indulge your love of baking-or painting or swimming or running.  You want to sing along with that song that just came on the radio.  But you can’t. Not because you choose not to, but because you can’t. CAN’T.

When you know someone who suffers with depression, please don’t tell them to “snap out of it” or “just get over it” or ask them what they have to be down about.   Don’t ask them what’s wrong because they can’t explain it.  Don’t ask them to forget about it and move on with things. Don’t tell them they are being “moody” or “dramatic”.  They are neither of those things, nor do they want to be.

Depression is a disease. It is a matter of brain chemicals being out of balance.  It is no different than suffering with many other diseases.  You can control it with medication and assistance, but it may always be there.

If you suffer from depression and anxiety, do not try to handle it all alone.  Talk with your doctor.  Talk with a counselor or therapist, but most of all, remember that the depression and/or anxiety does not define you just as diabetes does not define you or any other disease. They are simply a part of you.

Your life is what you make of it, so speak to those who can be of assistance.  Do what you must do to try and control the problems and never forget that you are a perfectly created being.  Nothing you face will break you.  You already have a 100% survival rate.

Yes, the depression can become overwhelming. That is why you speak to those who can help. That is why some take medication.  Do what you need to do. Reach out for the help you need.    Someone is ALWAYS there who loves you-even when you don’t believe it.

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