What We Don’t Know

We humans are so quick to judge.  We all believe we know so much that we have the ability and the right to judge.  We are, each and every one of us, wrong.

The simple way to say this is just this –if you haven’t walked a mile in my shoes, you cannot know my struggle.  If you haven’t lived a day in my life, you cannot know my struggle.  If you haven’t experienced what I have lived through the years of my life, you cannot know my struggle.

We do, each of us, fight our own battle each and every day.  We may share a touch of what bothers us or what irritates us or what scares us, but we don’t, and couldn’t, share everything that makes us the person we are.  We are rarely aware of all those things ourselves.

We all come at life from very different views and perspectives. Even siblings who grow in the same home with the same parents, have completely different ideas and memories of their lives.  Even siblings with the same lessons taught, learn those lessons in a different way.  No two of us look at life the same way nor do we see others the same way.

What we DON’T know in this life FAR outnumbers the things we DO know, yet so many of us either don’t realize that fact or we refuse to acknowledge our lacks in knowledge.  We act and react through emotion and that can be a downfall.

Humans react from anger, from stress and from fear.  That which we do not understand is something to be feared and something that is feared must be ridiculed, judged and destroyed…at least that is in the minds of so many.

What we don’t know, we feel we must destroy…whether literally or by words.   A person who is different from us-someone we can’t relate to-tends to be talked about, whispered about, taunted and bullied at some point.  A lifestyle we don’t understand tends to be diminished and ridiculed and pronounced to be “evil” in some way.  We judge from fear.

The one thing we forget is this, however—

Unless you are born with the name GOD {or Goddess or Lord, depending upon what you personally believe}, you do not have the right to judge anyone in any way.  None of us do.

When you are troubled by someones words or actions, try very hard to look deeper.  Try very hard to understand where their words or actions are coming from.  If someone has a lifestyle, religion or even a habit you don’t understand, take the time to find out about it.  Take the time to find out about that person.

Remember, everything you say and do is different from the person next to you. They may not understand you.  Do you want them to condemn you because of it?  Do you want others to fear you because of what you believe because they don’t understand it?

Always look at the situation from  both sides. Always take the time to try and understand and ALWAYS remember, you are not the judge of your fellow man.  and above all else….


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