Shameless Self Promotion




Many of us maintain a blog as a place to vent our inner selves.  Some maintain the blog in order to dabble at writing whatever genre inspires them. And some maintain a blog in order to share that which is a passion. I am, I believe, a touch of all three. 

In any given post, you will read either a bit of my latest project, an essay on a subject that interests me or you may just experience my venting over something or someone that has truly pushed my buttons.

I admit I am not a regular poster.  I posted earlier today on the subject of depression/anxiety.  The previous post was 2 weeks earlier. The post before that was, I believe, six months ago.  I regret that I am not entirely consistent and I hope to improve in that area, but for now, I think it is time to shamelessly promote what I have going.

Two years ago, I published my first book. Letters to Sarah {book one} was the culmination of 25 years research and work..and rework…and rework.  Then, since I had actually completed the manuscripts at the same time, I published Letters to Sarah-Book Two.   The reception of these books has been phenomenal to me.  The positive comments and the encouragement are amazing and the most motivating thing a writer can receive.  These two books have been read and enjoyed by all ages.  With such encouragement and support, I continue.

You see, Letters to Sarah is a series.  The main character is Mary who, at the age of 14 in the year 1910, suffers tragedy.  These books are Mary’s attempt to recover from that tragedy as well as deal with the world around her through her life.  Beginning in 1910, Book One continues until the end of 1919.  Book Two covers the 1920s and Book Three-which is in progress on my desk as we speak-covers the 1930s-and so on.

Categorized as historical fiction, all characters are fictional while the world’s happenings are real.  Mary guides us through our own past while we are given a private look into her life.

Letters to Sarah-Book One and Two are available on and can also be ordered through  your favorite bookseller.

If you happen to venture into Mary’s world, please let me know what you think.  Comments and reactions are the lifeblood to an author, so please don’t be shy.

About stanfordnl

I am a writer, plain and simple. I write everything from fiction to essays and back again. I have published the first two books in my series Letters To Sarah, which are available on Amazon and can be ordered through your favorite bookseller. Book Three is in progress and expected for release soon. Stay tuned! My guiding force in this universe is nature, plain and simple. I have two guiding principles~1. treat every single living creature with respect and 2. Be Kind. It truly is that simple and that complicated. I welcome and strongly request comments on my posts. Constructive criticism is a must for writers. and finally, I WILL NOT TOLERATE NEGATIVE, MEAN SPIRITED COMMENTS OR BEHAVIOR ON MY PAGE. My friends~~ just be kind.
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