Letters to Sarah update

Hello My Friends!!

I have been asked about the progress of Book Three of my series-Letters to Sarah.  I can tell you that Book Three is being written and is, in fact, half completed.  When I have managed to write the rest of it, off it goes to my editor.  Believe me, I will let you all know when publication is eminent! I will be the one jumping up and down in excitement–and relief.

In this third book of the series, Mary is facing the rising ugliness in the world of the 1930s-by listening to radio newscasts and reading the newspapers-but she has made friends who are personally effected by the ugliness which shows her it is all very real.

Mary’s family grows, her world changes, and she deals with a personal change as the book progresses.

Letters to Sarah, Book One and Book Two, are available on Amazon.com and can also be ordered by your favorite bookseller.  Just ask for   Letters to Sarah by Nancy L. Stanford.

I look forward to hearing from all of you.


About stanfordnl

I am a writer, plain and simple. I write everything from fiction to essays and back again. I have published the first two books in my series Letters To Sarah, which are available on Amazon and can be ordered through your favorite bookseller. Book Three is in progress and expected for release soon. Stay tuned! My guiding force in this universe is nature, plain and simple. I have two guiding principles~1. treat every single living creature with respect and 2. Be Kind. It truly is that simple and that complicated. I welcome and strongly request comments on my posts. Constructive criticism is a must for writers. and finally, I WILL NOT TOLERATE NEGATIVE, MEAN SPIRITED COMMENTS OR BEHAVIOR ON MY PAGE. My friends~~ just be kind.
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