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I am a writer, plain and simple. I write everything from fiction to essays and back again. I have published the first two books in my series Letters To Sarah, which are available on Amazon and can be ordered through your favorite bookseller. Book Three is in progress and expected for release soon. Stay tuned! My guiding force in this universe is nature, plain and simple. I have two guiding principles~1. treat every single living creature with respect and 2. Be Kind. It truly is that simple and that complicated. I welcome and strongly request comments on my posts. Constructive criticism is a must for writers. and finally, I WILL NOT TOLERATE NEGATIVE, MEAN SPIRITED COMMENTS OR BEHAVIOR ON MY PAGE. My friends~~ just be kind.

Through Tiny Eyes

His entire life revolves around eating, procreating and migrating. It is all he knows and it is all he needs to know. To him, the world is a massive place for his tiny needs. To him, everything is a threat. … Continue reading

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It Wasn’t My Choice

I had such plans. Don’t we all say that from time to time?  I think we say it as we get older and realize many of our opportunities are slipping by too quickly.  We reach an age where we suddenly … Continue reading

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I Miss Baseball

Baseball is my sport of choice.  I have loved baseball for as long as I have memories.  But it is not just the game itself.  It is so much more. As a very young girl, I was determined I would … Continue reading

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Alone in a Crowd

“What’s so different?  I was alone before and I’m alone now.”  Amy Morgan sat her phone on the stand.  She was video chatting with her sister, Lois. “Amy, you KNOW it’s different.  We are all under a quarantine order.  YOU … Continue reading

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I Broke Down in a Dystopian Hell

I just spent 20 minutes in hell.  It was a world I have never seen.  A world I could not have imagined in my lifetime, but there it was…here it is. I am considered “senior”, therefore, I have ‘special’ hours … Continue reading

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Fear Does Not Rule

In the last couple of weeks we have been body slammed.  We went from going about our daily lives in our usual routine thinking all was well. We complained when we couldn’t get that certain brand of ice cream.  We … Continue reading

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When All That’s There is Nothing

For so long I was unable to write. There were many reasons, of course.  Life intervened in various ways.  Unsupportive and abusive atmosphere, marriage, children, work and depression all worked to stifle what made me complete.  I tried. I truly … Continue reading

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Old Mysteries

“But I like exploring old abandoned places.”  Jude Cannon had tried explaining his hobby to his grandson, Neil, but the younger man never seemed to understand. “Why would you want to poke around those empty dirty places? I don’t get … Continue reading

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Prejudice Isn’t About Color {a personal rant}

Recently, I was told I was “privileged” because I am white.  Now, technically, I am not white.  I am a tan/pink hybrid. Even more to the point, no one else has my exact skin color. They also don’t have my … Continue reading

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Excerpts and Inspiration

***** ~“I am just tired. I am so damned tired.” Danny Morgan told the room. He sank back into his recliner and looked around at the room. His recliner, an old stained couch, a coffee table with cups holding various … Continue reading

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