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I am a writer, plain and simple. I write everything from fiction to essays and back again. I have published the first two books in my series Letters To Sarah, which are available on Amazon and can be ordered through your favorite bookseller. Book Three is in progress and expected for release soon. Stay tuned! My guiding force in this universe is nature, plain and simple. I have two guiding principles~1. treat every single living creature with respect and 2. Be Kind. It truly is that simple and that complicated. I welcome and strongly request comments on my posts. Constructive criticism is a must for writers. and finally, I WILL NOT TOLERATE NEGATIVE, MEAN SPIRITED COMMENTS OR BEHAVIOR ON MY PAGE. My friends~~ just be kind.


Most people would look at the low grey sky and think of it as gloomy and smothering, but to her it was a security blanket. She felt a sense of warmth and safety when the sky hung low this way. … Continue reading

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Hi name was Papillon.  It was, of course, an extremely unusual name for a young man in Bleakerton, Illinois.  His middle name was MacDonald, after his mother’s Scottish family, so from the first time another kid had asked his name, … Continue reading

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Maybe The Mist

Dana enjoyed that peaceful time just as the sun was rising.  Often, she would make the short drive to the area park where the trees replaced buildings and the birds replaced the sounds of man.  On this particular morning, the … Continue reading

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I Want To Dance

It was asked of artist Luchita Hurtado “What do you want to do for your 100th birthday?”  Her answer?  “I want to dance.”  This inspiring woman who, at the age of 99 {and, may I say, looks 30 years younger} … Continue reading

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The Sleepover

When I was 7 years old, my family lived in what was called a subdivision.  In ours, all the houses were built exactly alike-except for the shutters and the garage door which was painted a different color for each house. … Continue reading

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Lost in the Gloaming

In the old days they called it the gloaming.  I always loved that word-gloaming. I always thought it captured perfectly the look and feel of that brief time between daylight and darkness. That few moments when everything is cast in … Continue reading

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Letters to Sarah update

Hello My Friends!! I have been asked about the progress of Book Three of my series-Letters to Sarah.  I can tell you that Book Three is being written and is, in fact, half completed.  When I have managed to write … Continue reading

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