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Time for stream of thought

I am working on my third book, but I just don’t feel it tonight. But I needed to write something…anything.  I started a couple of things-short story-character sketch-whatever came to mind, but nothing really inspired me to continue , so … Continue reading

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Letters to Sarah-Book Two RELEASE

Letters to Sarah-Book Two is set for release DECEMBER 15! Book One is available at or can be ordered through your favorite bookseller. Copies of Book One PURCHASED DIRECTLY FROM ME will be discounted until December 14!! Read Letters to … Continue reading

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HandeeMade Pals pt 2

“She’s coming back, I know it.”  Layla moaned.  “We have been sitting here like this FOREVER!” “Nooo. Layyyla, she has gonnne awayyy for that looong time.  Sheee didn’t opppen those looong things overrr therrre , seee?  Ittt isss stilll dark … Continue reading

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HandeeMade Pals

“I don’t think she put enough stuffing in my head.” Layla poked and prodded her own head, causing her frown to shift to the left. “Layyyyla! Your stufffing is fffine!” Copernicus hunched his back to adjust his saddle. “I don’t … Continue reading

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Patience is that elusive fairy that taunts us by flying in and out of our reach as IT sees fit with no concern for our needs. It is necessary in our lives to develop and nurture patience because we will … Continue reading

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Coping is one of the most difficult things we do and yet we do it every moment of every day. I have had the challenge of coping with major events many times in my life. Because of that, I was … Continue reading

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Never Give Up

Four days ago, I reached a life long dream.  I had a book signing for MY book.  I wrote it.  It is published.  Those things are part of my dream, but the ultimate thing I always imagined was being able … Continue reading

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