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That Rotten Little Rascal On My Shoulder

Me:   I need to go to the pharmacy and pick up a couple of things. Rascal:  You can walk. It isn’t that far. Me: Me? Walk? Seriously? Rascal:  Sure.  It’s only-what-3 or 4 blocks?  Walk. Me: Yeah, it isn’t very … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Be Lost

When you suffer with depression and anxiety, you often feel lost.  You feel completely alone-because those who do not suffer from these things do not understand.  They don’t understand that it is not a choice to be sad. They do … Continue reading

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The Teacher Who Changed My Life

For Teacher Appreciation Week: Genevieve Weaver. She was my sophomore English teacher at Centralia High School and she gave me a gift more valuable and more treasured than she will ever know. When I was in her class, I was … Continue reading

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March For Our Lives-My Response

March For Our Lives 3-25-18 My response to the recent marches across this country-and others-in favor of gun control.  I previously read this article on my live Facebook broadcast. On March 24, 2018, young adults across this country stood to … Continue reading

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Patience is that elusive fairy that taunts us by flying in and out of our reach as IT sees fit with no concern for our needs. It is necessary in our lives to develop and nurture patience because we will … Continue reading

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Never Give Up

Four days ago, I reached a life long dream.  I had a book signing for MY book.  I wrote it.  It is published.  Those things are part of my dream, but the ultimate thing I always imagined was being able … Continue reading

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