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Guilt and Necessity

It is amazing the number of times in life we do or say something which is right at the time, yet later, we suffer guilt over it.  Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.  We all spend far too much time … Continue reading

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Memory-Thinking of my Mother

On Friday, November 28th, it will be 50 years since my mother passed away.  I was a small child so my memories of her are those of a small child, but they stay with me.  I hold them with a … Continue reading

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The Night Speaks

The night has a life all it’s own.  There are sounds and smells and tastes that are exclusive to the darkness.  There is also a space there where sounds and lights and smells should be.  I sit with only the … Continue reading

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“I am never going to understand this crap!”  Gina grumbled.  She pressed yet another key on her laptop and growled as it did nothing.  “Log onto TeleView, he says. We can SEE one another as we chat, he says.  Right.  … Continue reading

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